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xKore - Muff F.S. Remix xKore - Muff F.S. Remix

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Hi, me again.
Significant improvement over the last song(s). It's actually SOUNDS like music. There's melody, no random panning crap.
BUT. Way too much limiter, the instruments don't blend together, and some points there's way too much bass.. That comes with practice, practice and more practice.
Now that I covered the technical problems, the song itself still sounds very strange and uncomfortable to listen to. But now all you gotta do is to practice a lot and possibly get feedback (ratings/comments) if you think it sounds great.

Another thing, to test if it really sounds good to you, finish the song, then wait for at least a day (if you've worked for it for couple weeks, wait for a week), don't listen to the song during that time until you've passed a day/week, then listen to it again. Before and after compare it to some music that you like, preferably from the same genre, and progressively you'll find the mistakes you made.

Hope this helps!

work in progress V.1 work in progress V.1

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Oh hell...
Dude, you're ruining it by not having any melody in your tracks, you just clusterfuck the notes together and that's NOT how anyone produces.
It's like you never listen to music, therefore you don't know what a melody is. I've never heard that much lack of talent in a track from anyone else ever.

Every genre has a melody in it, whether it's a single note throughout the song, notes alternating, or something else, I don't have a real definition of a melody but hopefully you understand what I mean.

Even Gabber/Hardcore music has some melody, even though it's usually very harsh. Point is, you won't get nowhere if you keep clusterfucking notes together. Learn a piano or something, that'll improve your skills and gives great advantage to having good melodies in your tracks.

Also, stop panning shit like that. In other words, keep your shit way less random and more easily acessible (as a beginner) to other listeners, and give room to improve for melodies. people are more likely to give better feedback.
God why am I even bothering... Well I really hope this helps.

seguraf11 responds:

Thx, I really did just throw things in a pattern.... didnt look up any tutorials on FL studio, I got something in the works though

Krabby Patties Krabby Patties

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not bad

I like the melody here :P some people could even enjoy the song

Devils Dance Devils Dance

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how the fuck did xKore inspire you SO BAD? quit making music, you have no musical talent at all for it, I'm sorry but it's true.. even my skills aren't professional after 4 years as I have a regular musical feeling... but seriously, it's a fucking nonsene, literally

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seguraf11 responds:

never come back....EVER.......please

xKore - Bunch of old stuff xKore - Bunch of old stuff

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


the dubstep style you have is epicly wild (Y) the other genres aren't as good but they're still good :P